How to Create Backlinks For Free And Step by Step with Best SEO Company in India?

  Category : search engine optimization   Date : 20-August-2019

Backlinks are the endorsements or recommendations for your website. These recommendations from a high domain authority website that has quite a good relevance are considered as strong ranking signals to search engines. Requesting high authority website owners to link to the blog you painstakingly wrote may be considered with a price and you may get a valuable backlink too. But, if your request is not considered then what should be your call? So, you cannot afford to depend on these requests only. We should know how to create backlinks for free in a step by step with Best SEO Company in India.

Follow these steps to create free backling with SEO Company

Step 1 - An Authoritative Article:

Write good quality articles on the same topic of your original content with a different perspective furnishing a new point of view. Publish it on a website with high domain authority like "Sooper Articles" or "LinkedIn Pulse".

There you can mention your content as a reference with the keywords as anchor text and earn a backlink to your related blog post. Submission of your article not only brings large exposure and visibility to your website but also earns quality backlink with high authority.

Step 2 - Answer Questions on Quora:

Keyword in anchor texts for backlinks and backlinks from high domain authority websites, both are very important. Another beautiful way of creating backlinks from a high domain authority website is to answer a question quite relevant to your topic in

The question must be closely related to your niche topic. Moreover, your answer must be very informative and add new value to the topic in question. In that answer, you can add a link to your original content as a reference with a keyword as anchor text. The most important ranking signal in search engines is user experience. So, if your answer is not valuable to your readers then no point in wasting your time in trying to rank in Google.

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Step 3 - Content Creation:

Whenever you are creating outstanding content, you will, of course, want your hard-work must come across your readers so that it can add values to them. Here comes the content marketing phase of your much-researched article. The best way of content marketing is by submitting your content to a content curation website like "" where a collection of handpicked contents on specific topics are maintained and shared to fans. In addition to quality backlink, your content gets a recognition to the right audience for whom you intend to add value.

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Step 4 - Social Media Posting:

Social media is another and probably is the biggest platform for content marketing. The main reason is its footfall. People love social media and so the audience you are targeting for your content is already there. But you have to be meticulous enough to find them and prudently reach them. Whenever you create outstanding content immediately share them to your Facebook business page, Facebook profile, relevant Facebook groups. Share them to the Linkedin page , profile, groups, Twitter profile, Instagram profile, Reddit profile, etc.

More important is, follow the people who are popular in your area of interest, namely the influencers. Like their posts, make constructive comments on their posts and build a relationship with them. If that influencer shares your content ever, that bears a great value and your creation gets a high value. Follow regular and valuable social media posting with best seo company in India.

Step 5 - Competitors Analysis:

SDelving deep into competitors' websites helps a lot in creating backlinks. If you key in your competitor's URL in a competition analysis tool you can find out the websites linking to them. This opens a great opportunity to know about the sites providing backlinks to the websites closely related to yours. You can follow those websites to create backlinks manually in different ways like guest posting, local listing and so on and so forth.

Step 6 - Slideshare:

As far domain authority and visibilities are concerned is a beautiful knowledge sharing a website where a topic is published in a presentation form instead of a boring text-only format making the content more interesting and easy to learn. Make a beautiful ppt presentation on your topic and submit it to Slideshare. Here you mention the link of your original content with relevant anchor text.

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Step 7 - YouTube:

The greatest engaging tool for your content is videos. For videos, the highest viewed website is of course YouTube. So, you cannot avoid the role of YouTube in creating backlinks manually. Create a YouTube channel and mention your link in about section and in all descriptions of your videos.